Club Repeaters

  • Culver, IN
    146.670 mHz
    +  .600 Offset
    131.8 pl
  • Culver, IN
    443.250 mHz
    + 5.0 Offset
    131.8 pl

Upcoming Events

  • 4th Monday at 7PM
    - Club Meeting
    - Cornerstone Church
    - Argos, IN
  • 4th Monday at 8PM
    - VE Testing
    - Cornerstone Church
    - Argos, IN


Marshall Cnty ARES Page


Weekly ARES Net on the
K9ZLQ (146.670 - 131.8pl)
Thursdays at 7:30pm (ET)



Marshall County Amateur Radio Club Founded


Charter Members included Bob Newcomb K9ZLM/SK, Mildred Buvey K9ZLB/SK


MCARC is meeting at the Marshall County Civil Defense Building

Photo was taken at the Marshall Count Civil Defense Building on 12-17-1970 The photo was on the front page of the Pilot the following day or two. Bob Newcomb K9ZLM and I were giving a demonstration of Bob's home brew camera he put together from old Motorola camera boards. This was the start of the MCARC televising the Blueberry Parade. -Wayne Zehner, K9WZ


MCARC participated in Blueberry Festival by providing coverage of the Blueberry Parade on slow scan TV to the nursing homes. This photo was taken on 06-05-1972. The photo was in the Pilot news paper for the clubs efforts on televising the Marshall County Blueberry Parade to 5 area nursing homes and having an article on the clubs accomplishment published in June 1972 73 Magazine.  The first televised parade was Labor Day 1971 with the club televising the parade for several years after that.
Back Row (Left to Right): W9WKM Homer Barnes, W9JER Brother Jerry Selenke, W9DHF Carl Bovee, WA9HAL Bernie Busart
Second Row (Left to Right): WB9AHF Ed Easterday, K9ZLM Bob Newcomb, WA9VRV Fred Doss, K9ZLB Mildred Bovee, WB9GSI Everett Easterday
Front Row (Left to Right): WA9INM Wayne Zehner, K9ILU Dick Basham, WA9PGN Jim Little, WA9TZP Bill Washburn (President), WA9VRK Clarence Shaffer


Wayne Zehner is President. Dick Bashum is the Secretary

This was the second year we televised the parade. We could not use the Plymouth Building for the transmitter that year because they were redoing the roof and they did not want anyone to mess up the installation. -Wayne Zehner, K9WZ

MCARC participated in Blue Berry Festival by providing coverage of the Blue Berry Parade on slow scan TV to the nursing homes.

Photos from June 1972 73 Magazine featuring the MCARC televising of the 1971 Marshall County Blueberry Parade.


Not sure what year this was but it had to be around 1973 or 1974. This poem Jeannie WB9YDC and I wrote for the Christmas Party that year. -Wayne Zehner, K9WZ


Jack Easterday, WB9PCF/SK filed with the Indiana Secretary of State and the Internal Revenue Service to establish the club as a Not For Profit Organization. Ended on 7-31-1989


FCC develops the Volunteer Examiners Program. The MCARC begins offering VE Testing which continues to the current time. (December 1983)


MCARC left the Marshall County Civil Defense Building.


FCC changes the license classes from 5 to 3. (4-15-2000)


FCC drops the Morse Code requirements for all 3-license classes. (2-23-2007)


Terry Green and Dale Schrom established an ARES group as part of the club. Dale is the ARRL Emergency Coordinator. The ARES group folded several years later.


Current K9ZLQ 146.670 repeater goes online at the ATT tower located on SR 10. Member Richard Bashum K9ILU coordinated with the tower owner to place a repeater on line and use the existing antenna and tower space.


MCARC President Terry Green W9TRG and other members assist with programing All Hazard Radios at Walgreens in Plymouth.


11-year-old Neomiah Haschel KD9HNE earned his technician license after passing his test offered by the VE Team at the club meeting. (Dec 6th 2016)


Election of officers was held (May 22, 2017):

  • Terry Greene W9TRG, President.
  • Chuck Turner, KC9PRJ, Vice-President
  • Richard Basham K9ILU, Treasurer
  • Greg Haschel W9GND, Secretary
  • Lenny Berkey KC9QAK asked to step down as the Secretary

Election of Officers was held (June 25, 2018):

  • Terry Green W9TRG, President
  • Les Turner W9LRT, Vice President
  • Greg Haschel W9GND, Secretary
  • Richard Basham K9ILU, Treasurer and K9ZLQ Trustee

MCARC participated in Jamboree on the Air at Potato Creek State Park in support of the LaSalle Council BSA Iron Horse Festival. This is now supported annually.


Greg Haschel W9GND elected President. Chuck Dilts N9CD is Vice President

Club began offering Technician Level classes using Ham Radio School training material ( The first class had 15 students.

Greg Haschel W9GND and others conducted a balloon launch from the park in Argos. The video can be found at

Richard Bashum K9ILU (VE Coordinator) reported there were 26 individuals who took and passed testing, earning their amateur license.


COVID-19 Pandemic Begins.  MCARC moved its meetings and home base from the REMC Building to the Cornerstone Church, Argos as result of the pandemic. VE testing continued.

Richard Bashum K9ILU (VE Coordinator) reported there were 34 individuals who took and passed testing, earning their amateur license.


Chuck Dilts N9CAD elected President, Greg Hashell W9GND is Vice President.

Past President Terry R Greene W9TRG/SK passed away. (2-10-21)

The MCARC Website updated with assistance of Les Turner, W9LRT and Ruth Dilts, K9RLD.

The first annual HAMFAM picnic was held the Cornerstone Church, SR 10 Argos.

MCARC participated in Winter and Summer Field Day. Several contacts were made.

Chuck Dilts, N9CAD is appointed as the ARRL ARES Emergency Coordinator


Officer elections for 2022:  The vote was by paper ballot, with these results:

  • Chuck Dilts N9CAD, President
  • Greg Haschel W9GND, Vice President
  • Byron Smith W9ELM, Secretary
  • Richard Basham K9ILU, Treasurer
  • Rich Systma N9GPY, Director (2022)

Past Vice President Charles “Chuck” Turner KC9PRJ/SK passed away. (3-13-22)

MCARC offers its first General class in many years.

MCARC filed for and approved 501 C 3 Non For Profit designation with the Indiana Secretary of State and Internal Revenue Service in order to open new bank accounts. (April 1st. 2022)



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